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In the thriller 5150 Elm’s Way we find a young man being help hostage in a secluded room by a righteous psychopath wanting to rid the world of evil. The only way the young man can escape his captor is by beating the fanatic chess player at his own game.

In a first wave, we recreated the room where the film’s main hero was held captive and conceived an immersive 3D environment where the user’s mission was to escape by completing a series of challenges. Every player who made it out of the room was invited to sign up for a contest. They were then given the opportunity to double their chances by “kidnapping their friends”, who would then have to get out of the room themselves.

The second wave consisted of another contest inviting visitors to actively participate in the promotion of the film. We created an “edit your own” teaser feature online. The winner received a cash prize in addition to having their cut teaser aired on television.

Viewers at the official premiere were enticed to visit the site and spread the word with a trailer featuring the site and all of its goodies.

In a period of 5 weeks, the platform received 195 000 Unique Visits and 27 000 Teasers were edited.

Our Role

Concept, Art Direction, UI, Motion Design, Game Design, Narrative Design, Art, Engine Development