Innovation – Design

We collaborate with ambitious brands and companies to create digital products, services and experiences that engage, inform and entertain.

Fidel is a user experience studio with a mobile-first approach. From apps, games, narratives, loyalty programs, immersive experiences, we have a clear focus on creating human connections and digital interactions that capture the imagination in new and inspiring ways and make a meaningful difference in how people live, learn, work and play.

Through out the lifecycle of every product, service or experience, the interactions between users and products are as essential as the context in which these relationships are formed. Making engagement a balance of rational and emotional human connections.

Designers, technologists and storytellers working collaboratively to remodel the way people consume media and experience brands. And most importantly, we demand participation to engage people formerly known as audiences into influential players.

Innovation and design are rooted in our process to give business value to our clients and meaning to their audience through today’s maze of platforms, devices and interfaces.

Story - Data - Play - Tech

At Fidel, we work across the following areas of design and production, which sit at the center of our services and offerings.